Thursday, November 12, 2009

Find True Japanese Love in 7 Days Flat

I've been living in Japan for quite sometime now and have become an absolute professional on how to pick up Japanese women from 25 to 55 and I want to pass this information on to you out there online seeking love and happiness. Think about it, an international relationship with someone who is absolutely your type and not in need of anything but true love and happiness. Yes I tried the Philippine ladies when I was younger but that turned to a quick lesson in accounting and finance if you get my drift.

I began to search the Internet for the best possibilities and quickest way to find a beautiful Asian babe that wouldn't be out for my wallet and ATM password as soon as I took a quick nap. After research online and traveling throughout Asia testing the waters meaning personalities, seriousness, thoughtful kind intentions and the basics of people being down to earth people I found myself in Tokyo Japan having the time of my life.

I remember losing my wallet and talking with a kind woman on my first night in Tokyo. I couldn't get to the bank or any location where I can track down some quick cash because it was so late and by the way cold as well because it was late December 2001. Her name was Suminko and although she wasn't my type physically she was so so sweet and did everything that she could to make sure I had somewhere to sleep and rest until the next morning. Sumiko was so kind that I thought that this is the time and place to find my true love.

I went online to Japanese friend finder.Com and it was a repeat of my first day in Tokyo where the ladies were all so kind and willing to respond to me and get to know me. I've tried other sites and places to find Japanese love but when I went to Japanese Friend my troubles were solved. In less than 7 days I met someone so sweet, special and kind that after 6 months we were married and on our way to having a nice family.

She had been searching for a man for a while but couldn't find one so easily because in Japan there is a shortage of men. There are 30 women to one guy. She is a medical doctor and I am opening a special massage salon for guys and girls. I hope you enjoyed my story of how you can actually find true love with real members worldwide on a website I truly respect and appreciate.

This is Exactly How To Find True Love in 7 Days:

1. Go online to Japanese Friend and Register for a free membership.
2. Once you have your free membership please sure through the millions of ladies online seeking a partner
3. Go through the stats and weed out your types based on the qualities you like or dislike.
4. Be sure to upload a photo because Japanese women do not like to respond to e-mails without a photo.
5. Make sure that you write one nice letter that hits several points about you and how you think you and your match may get along for the future.
6. Copy your letter and paste it to several women saving you the time of writing seperate letters again and again. I remember when I contacted several ladies this way and in the letter it said that I love your pretty eyes. Be careful not to make the same mistake I did because in one woman's profile there was no way to see her eyes because of the distance and the big hat she wore ha ha ha..
7. Wait for responses to your mails and reply to them individually.
8. If you follow my instructions you will find someone within 7 days so good luck and happy hunting.

I went to Japanese Friend Finder.Com I was amazed when I saw the amount of ladies seeking Western men when I went online. The wonderful part about this whole story is that when it came time to seek someone special it seemed that it was not hard when it came to being in Tokyo Japan. It was so natural and wonderful and I hope you will take time to meet someone in another country especially Japan. I'd like to thank the webmasters and owners of Japanese Friend Finder.Com for showing me what love really can be.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Japanese and Western Couples

I'm seeing tons and tons of Japanese Women and Western guys everywhere I go here in Japan these days. I remember 15 years ago things were a lot different where you would travel to Japan and the pickings were sparse to say the least. Do you live in Tokyo Japan ? Well if so go out to Tsutaya Book store near Roppongi hills and you will see many international couples hanging out together. If you aren't careful you will be one of them. Great news for the single guys coming to Tokyo, go to the malls and coffee shops to find your wonderful Japanese friend in no time.

I want to try to give a few tips here and there so in each of my post I'll give out more places to hook up with someone in Tokyo. Striking up a conversation on the train system would be a great idea as long as you are going far and have time to sit back and enjoy the sights around Japan.

For me as I said a million times in each of my post I'd be up for the easy route and take my fingertips to JAPANESE FRIEND FINDER.COM ...Set up some friendships and when you get to Tokyo you are good to go with male or female friends living here in Japan.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sushi in Japan

What is the sushi craze about and why is there such a big fuss about uncooked fish ? Well I was watching Man verses wild and the host of the show caught a fish in the french alps and didn't bother to clean it, didn't bother to gut it and didn't bother to even wash it. Did I say that he didn't cut off the head as well ? Ok I'm watching Tv with a Japanese woman and I said hey he is eating Sushi because the host just picked up the fish and bit a chunk out of the back of the poor fish while it was still wiggling trying to escape.

I got in an argument when I said that was Sushi because think about it, sushi is raw and the only thing separating it from being sushi is if it's sliced and served on a dish verses grabbing it out of the lake and ripping it's guts out with your teeth. In my mind I see no difference, raw fish is raw fish.

I'm frying mine with butter and heat on high..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Japanese Friends and You

I went to a party last night and it was full of kind people looking to network together and just enjoy having some time to party it up and share smiles with one another. I was talking with a few ladies and of course they knew about and a few other important singles websites online that assist them with finding true love and long lasting happiness for the future.

Well well well, complain complain complain, I thought that the Japanese culture would be kinder on guys but last night for sure changed my mind. Women are women no matter where you live or find love. They all wanted a man to take care of them, love them and work themselves to death for them. Why do women think that we guys will just be so happy to lift heavy objects, sweat all day in the sun shoveling dirt and opening doors for them. Well I have opened several doors for Japanese and other women in the past but you can be assured that I wanted something in return :) Why does all of the big women get left holding the bag, holding the door for herself and get the ultimate job at the corner restaurant in the back frying potatoes ha ha ha..

Overall I love making Japanese friends and I'll be looking for more. I hope that someone can make them happy that way when we talk they will say that they met someone special who cares for them in a special way...

Find your friend at Japanese friend finder.Com today...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Japanese Cows are Alcoholics

Have you ever went to dinner, grabbed a couple of steaks from a menu in Japan without prices then found out at the cash register that your bill is $600.00 ?? Well watch this video and you will see why. They are on a diet of beer, sake and fresh apples, a cow sitting down taking it easy throwin back a few hundred six packs per month. I say feed the damn thing some grass and water and give me a break at the cash register when I go pay for my meal...Sir that would be $30.00 for two, thank you I'm happy, full and still have a pocket full of cash to last yet another day.

Let's talk about Japan

I've been in Japan for over 23 years and it just won't change even with the bad economy and tight yen rates. Hmmm where do I start without being negative ? Well I'll let you be the judge. There is this building that I have been looking at lately well actually for 3 years and it's still for rent. The reason it's still on the market is because if you think that the landlords and property owners think like westerners think you can forget it. This place is so small and even at Japan's high rental rates this place is worth maximum $1,500 per month. Well being a well balanced businessman I said to myself since this place has been on the market so long at $3,500 I'll offer $2,000 and maybe he will counter offer anything less than what's listed. If you think that the price will change even though it's been empty for over 3 years well sorry to say that negotiating is kind of considered low class and bad manners.

I wonder who thought of that rule :)
Now here is the funny part of the story, I have a couple businesses where the price is fixed for a dating and marriage service and every single Japanese man and woman will try to cut me on the price by at least 50% off. That is because I'm not a Japanese person, if I were Japanese they would immediately join without complaints at the price listed but if you expect discounts from Japanese businesses you are in for a rude awakening...Hope someone can prove me wrong I wish I could get some relief around here with these $400.00 per square foot rental fees..I'm hungry now perhaps I'll grab some McDonalds fries. I just paid rent :)

This place runs about $1,000 US Dollars per month.. Just an idea of how outrageous apartments are priced and office space prices are 10 times worse...

Check out this young ladies pad..

Until next time enjoy my blog about Japan and Japanese people. To find someone special don't forget to visit my favorite websiteJapanese Friend Finder

I've found several friends and had much success online at this website.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A new birth of singles and relationships

Welcome to the birth of Japanese Friend Blog for singles and information pertaining to singles life in Japan and locations worldwide. We hope that you will be a big part of our success as you always have and that you can give and take advice along the way. Let's enjoy talking about the positive things that love can give us.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to our Japanese Friends Blog

Are you single or divorced and seeking someone who can comfort you each day and make you smile when you are not feeling so well? Online dating will open your heart and mind if you just take the first step. We have found that people who have never tried to meet someone online are the ones who are most likely to be single.

My favorite site is A site called Japanese Friend finder.Com and Tokyo Friend Ok I own those domain names as you know but they are my favorite places to meet. I`ve met so many nice ladies on that site that I cannot count them so if there is a person out there who knows from pure solid experience it`s definitely me.

There are several tools that we use on our website to enable you to meet others and some of them are even free of charge. I`ll be the first to tell you that great things are not always free but in this case you will find some happiness from a tidbid of free access and website use. If you want the whole loaf and need to communicate and respond anytime you wish then you have to go ahead and pay the few dollars required.

Well just wanted to give you a taste of what`s on my mind today so for now have a good one and see you on the next post.


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