Monday, November 9, 2009

Japanese and Western Couples

I'm seeing tons and tons of Japanese Women and Western guys everywhere I go here in Japan these days. I remember 15 years ago things were a lot different where you would travel to Japan and the pickings were sparse to say the least. Do you live in Tokyo Japan ? Well if so go out to Tsutaya Book store near Roppongi hills and you will see many international couples hanging out together. If you aren't careful you will be one of them. Great news for the single guys coming to Tokyo, go to the malls and coffee shops to find your wonderful Japanese friend in no time.

I want to try to give a few tips here and there so in each of my post I'll give out more places to hook up with someone in Tokyo. Striking up a conversation on the train system would be a great idea as long as you are going far and have time to sit back and enjoy the sights around Japan.

For me as I said a million times in each of my post I'd be up for the easy route and take my fingertips to JAPANESE FRIEND FINDER.COM ...Set up some friendships and when you get to Tokyo you are good to go with male or female friends living here in Japan.

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