Saturday, August 11, 2012

I love Japanese Butts and I Found a Single Japanese Online

My Quest to enjoy and find the perfect Japanese Butt for my own selfish enjoyment..

As I walk through the streets of Tokyo, Japan I watch and enjoy watching the butts of many Japanese girls go left to right and right to left. What a wonderful walking style, what a dream to see and enjoy in person.

There seems to be about a billion single Japanese women walking the streets of Tokyo Japan. I cannot believe my eyes to actually be a part of the ROUND in motion to my left, my right and in front of my excited eyes. I didn't think that Japanese women had shapely butts from what I would hear before I came to Japan.
Being in Japan seeing for myself is much different that hearing this or that.

The fashion statement of Japanese women show pure confidence and a serious love of short skirts, short pants and some of the tightest clothes on the planet. I ran to my favorite website online and met a sweet Japanese woman.. Thanks to Japanese Friend I'm a married man now..

Love this Japanese Butt :)  

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