Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sushi in Japan

What is the sushi craze about and why is there such a big fuss about uncooked fish ? Well I was watching Man verses wild and the host of the show caught a fish in the french alps and didn't bother to clean it, didn't bother to gut it and didn't bother to even wash it. Did I say that he didn't cut off the head as well ? Ok I'm watching Tv with a Japanese woman and I said hey he is eating Sushi because the host just picked up the fish and bit a chunk out of the back of the poor fish while it was still wiggling trying to escape.

I got in an argument when I said that was Sushi because think about it, sushi is raw and the only thing separating it from being sushi is if it's sliced and served on a dish verses grabbing it out of the lake and ripping it's guts out with your teeth. In my mind I see no difference, raw fish is raw fish.

I'm frying mine with butter and heat on high..

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