Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Japanese Friends and You

I went to a party last night and it was full of kind people looking to network together and just enjoy having some time to party it up and share smiles with one another. I was talking with a few ladies and of course they knew about and a few other important singles websites online that assist them with finding true love and long lasting happiness for the future.

Well well well, complain complain complain, I thought that the Japanese culture would be kinder on guys but last night for sure changed my mind. Women are women no matter where you live or find love. They all wanted a man to take care of them, love them and work themselves to death for them. Why do women think that we guys will just be so happy to lift heavy objects, sweat all day in the sun shoveling dirt and opening doors for them. Well I have opened several doors for Japanese and other women in the past but you can be assured that I wanted something in return :) Why does all of the big women get left holding the bag, holding the door for herself and get the ultimate job at the corner restaurant in the back frying potatoes ha ha ha..

Overall I love making Japanese friends and I'll be looking for more. I hope that someone can make them happy that way when we talk they will say that they met someone special who cares for them in a special way...

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