Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let's talk about Japan

I've been in Japan for over 23 years and it just won't change even with the bad economy and tight yen rates. Hmmm where do I start without being negative ? Well I'll let you be the judge. There is this building that I have been looking at lately well actually for 3 years and it's still for rent. The reason it's still on the market is because if you think that the landlords and property owners think like westerners think you can forget it. This place is so small and even at Japan's high rental rates this place is worth maximum $1,500 per month. Well being a well balanced businessman I said to myself since this place has been on the market so long at $3,500 I'll offer $2,000 and maybe he will counter offer anything less than what's listed. If you think that the price will change even though it's been empty for over 3 years well sorry to say that negotiating is kind of considered low class and bad manners.

I wonder who thought of that rule :)
Now here is the funny part of the story, I have a couple businesses where the price is fixed for a dating and marriage service and every single Japanese man and woman will try to cut me on the price by at least 50% off. That is because I'm not a Japanese person, if I were Japanese they would immediately join without complaints at the price listed but if you expect discounts from Japanese businesses you are in for a rude awakening...Hope someone can prove me wrong I wish I could get some relief around here with these $400.00 per square foot rental fees..I'm hungry now perhaps I'll grab some McDonalds fries. I just paid rent :)

This place runs about $1,000 US Dollars per month.. Just an idea of how outrageous apartments are priced and office space prices are 10 times worse...

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