Saturday, August 11, 2012

I love Japanese Butts and I Found a Single Japanese Online

My Quest to enjoy and find the perfect Japanese Butt for my own selfish enjoyment..

As I walk through the streets of Tokyo, Japan I watch and enjoy watching the butts of many Japanese girls go left to right and right to left. What a wonderful walking style, what a dream to see and enjoy in person.

There seems to be about a billion single Japanese women walking the streets of Tokyo Japan. I cannot believe my eyes to actually be a part of the ROUND in motion to my left, my right and in front of my excited eyes. I didn't think that Japanese women had shapely butts from what I would hear before I came to Japan.
Being in Japan seeing for myself is much different that hearing this or that.

The fashion statement of Japanese women show pure confidence and a serious love of short skirts, short pants and some of the tightest clothes on the planet. I ran to my favorite website online and met a sweet Japanese woman.. Thanks to Japanese Friend I'm a married man now..

Love this Japanese Butt :)  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Find Love without even looking...Japanese Friends

Yes folks there is a time and place for us all to find love.. Just relax and let love happen without seeking, searching or looking for that special partner because when things happen naturally the end results will be more satisfying.

It's fine to join singles sites like but when you join sit back and let your love contact you don't force yourself on who you think might be your match. When you think you've lost hope, lost confidence and lost your will to force yourself on another date that's when the magic will happen. When you least expect it you'll find that romance and happiness was right there starring you in the face all along.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ladies in Japan seeking western men

There are so many ladies in Japan who seek western men and they don't mind where you live or where you are from. Also Japanese ladies are interested in men from locations worldwide so don't be shy when approaching them online. the secret is to not be in to much of a rush, be calm and just be yourself when writing them for the first time.

Let's say that you live in the United States and you want a woman seeking western men who is willing to relocate. You can go to Japanese friend and do a search for Japanese women who are willing to relocate to your city and country. If you've tried it already you are seeing with your own eyes how easy it is from this point.

Now point #2 don't write a long letter in the beginning, write something simple like, hi I just noticed your profile online and I found that we share a lot in common. I'd like to know if we have more in common and see what can happen from here.

Please check out my profile and let me know what you think when you have time. Now I wouldn't expect the first person to respond to you just because they seem to be your type of woman. You may not exactly be her type, don't panic because this is normal.

I've found that there is an easier way to match yourself with someone online. Take the letter that you've just typed to your perfect match, find 15 more that you feel suitable and send them the same letter, this way if they have no interest in you, you haven't wasted 3 hours writing them and spilling out your heart in return for no response.

Wait a few days and check your inbox and you should find several real responses to your inquiries. We hope that you take advantage of this information and find true love online. Go to and make great things happen today

Good luck with your search for women in Japan

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