Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nice Japanese Women at your Favorite Starbucks

It's amazing to visit star bucks Coffee and see all of the lovely ladies who love coffee just as much as I do. I decided to use Starbucks as a test grounds for my desires to find single Japanese women. Of course I absolutely use Japanese Friend Finder and my results there are wonderful. This week I have a bit more confidence and a pocket full of money for lots of coffee and cookies ha ha ha.

My plan today is to sit outside and just be patient as the ladies go in and out with coffee and snacks until I can get the perfect chance to switch from passive mode to attack mode. Wow so many Asian ladies and all kinds of beautiful women entering this establishment BUT my goal is to find and get one sexy hot Japanese woman for my own selfish desires:)

Three hours later and about 200 customers down the road a nice Japanese girl sits next to me..Hmmm what's going on, she's about 32 and I think she has a plan of her own. I don't panic or react to quickly, I just sit and sip on my now warm coffee Macchiato that used to be cold.

After about 15 minutes I look over and ask her name, She says hi, my name is Yukako how are you ? after about 40 minutes of conversation we decided to go to another location. We went to the movies and watched RED ..It was a nice movie but I barely paid any attention to it. My plan was working and everything went smoothly.  We made arrangements to meet again and I can say to you all that Starbucks isn't just for Coffee. You can meet singles there and finally get your monies worth.

For those who have no time to hang out at starbucks seeking Japanese women I fully recommend Japanese Friend Finder.Com  it's a wonderful surefire place to meet real members and get results you need. Have fun and enjoy finding love..

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